In industry, shape memory alloys can be used as both passive and active SMA. The wide variety of industrial applications offers both challenges and opportunities, which are advanced by shape memory alloys.

Passive shape memory alloys in industry

Particularly in the area of temperature-induced regulations, passive shape memory alloys can offer relevant added value for industry. An example of large-scale industrial application of passive shape memory alloys can be found in power plants. Here, SMA ensure safety and protect equipment from overheating in a fail-safe manner by automatically closing or opening valves of the cooling circuit based on a previously defined temperature level.

Active shape memory alloys in industry

The adjustment of mechanical properties as well as the use in switching processes is mainly carried out by actively controlled shape memory alloys. The heat input, which leads to the shape change, is carried out at this point by electric current.

In addition, shape memory alloys are also used in industry as functional coatings, especially for vibration reduction.

Application examples for shape memory alloys in industry

Shape memory alloys find their industrial application, for example, in power plant technology, robotics or in mechanical and plant engineering. Here, they are used as actuators, structural components or functional coatings and provide innovative solutions.

Advantages of shape memory alloys in industry

Shape memory alloys in industry guarantee reliability as well as long-lasting use while saving costs and offering opportunities for functional integration. This particularly applies to the combination of solenoid valves and actuators. For fire protection systems, a SMA-based solution can eliminate the need for complicated and labor-intensive maintenance on the part of the end customer.
In general, shape memory alloys offer efficient application alternatives where previously large solutions were used for small problems.


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