Automotive industry

Shape memory alloys (SMA) are used in the automotive industry, among others, where they offer a wide range of possibilities.

Automotive applications of shape memory alloys

An established area of use in automotive applications is thermal management. Used passively, SMAs are excellent replacements for wax expansion materials, which were used for many years as expansion elements in thermostatic valves. Here, shape memory alloys act as an energy-autonomous and fast-switching thermostatic valve with very high operating cycles. In addition, shape memory alloys (SMA) have various advantages, such as saving cost, weight, installation space and complexity at high operating cycles.

Future automotive applications of shape memory alloys

Shape memory alloys will continue to play a major role in the automotive sector in the future, as they are particularly suitable for use in e-vehicles. Here SMA can automatically maintain the optimal temperature of the battery, while at the same time eliminating the issues related to signaling and control from the outside.

Examples of shape memory alloy in the automotive industry

In vehicles, passive SMA are usually triggered by external conditions such as media temperatures. At the same time, SMAs in the vehicle are ideally suited for actively triggered switching elements. In this case, the heat input required for the shape change is realized by electric current.

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