Corporate policy

We are aware, together with all our employees, that the future and the success of the organization depend on recognizing and, if possible, even anticipating the requirements and wishes of our stakeholders in order to align our own actions and the measures to be taken accordingly.

To this end, we create a constantly evolving organization that strives to satisfy all stakeholders and recognizes that our own success is measured by how much success our stakeholders have as a result of working with Ingpuls.


Our activities are focused on customer satisfaction, expanding existing customers and gaining new ones. The recognition of customer needs and the implementation of customer requirements are ensured by our know-how, our ability to change and adapt and our business processes.


We challenge and promote the skills of our employees to achieve our corporate goals, integrating their suggestions and ideas. We agree on goals in order to convey a sense of achievement through their attainment. Our corporate culture is jointly characterized by:

  • Willingness to perform
  • Teamwork
  • Personal responsibility
  • Ability to learn and change


In the interest of our shareholders, the maintenance and further development of a healthy and competitive company is our priority. Compliance with laws and regulations, taking into account economic and ecological aspects, is the prerequisite for this. Building on this, we strive to increase the value of the company and its economic strength.


We strive for a long-term, cooperative partnership with our suppliers in order to meet customer requirements. To this end, we actively approach our suppliers and jointly evaluate how our business relationship can be strengthened or even expanded in the interests of both parties.


For all goals resulting from the company policy, the management provides the means and the personnel. It regularly evaluates the achievement of the agreed goals together with the employees. The implementation of the company policy is the starting point for:

  • securing the existence of our company and safeguarding our future jobs
  • the generation of profit and thus the prerequisite for necessary investments to achieve our corporate goals
  • satisfied stakeholders