An integrative development strategy with immediate benefits

Unique and fully comprehensive in the SMA world: Ingpuls’s approach combines material know-how with modern product development and efficient project management. You benefit from exactly that part of the product and service portfolio that suits you and helps you get ahead.

Why you conquer new markets with SMA solutions

For the first time since the discovery of the shape memory effect in the 1930s, solutions based on SMA are conquering new markets across industries. And with an impressive speed! Only a fully integrated supplier can provide this high level of maturity. Ingpuls covers the entire industrial value chain: From the development of

alloys and components to system integration in functional systems and solutions. In the past, thousands of patents only led to very few solutions actually emerging. Now you get solutions with a whole new level of maturity: This allows you to conquer new markets and displace the previously established standard.

What our own standards mean for you

Our aim is to make your solution profitable with SMA: We understand the technological depth and complexity of SMA in order to be able to reliably and sustainably use SMA in your products.

For more than a decade, we have been systematically identifying and sustainably building up the necessary competencies and methods. Today you can profit directly from their use in product development.

No matter your focus: From the development of alloys and semi-finished products to components, systems or thermal coatings. The following provides an overview of the available products and services. Feel free to check out the product catalogue.

product catalogue

We have compiled just the most important information for you. After all: your specific wishes can be considered at any time.

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