More and more companies from the field of household appliances and white goods have been starting to value the advantages of shape memory alloys (SMA). What is the component or system you are working on? For your special requirement, we are happy to show you how you can benefit from the use of SMA.

This is how SMA help you in household appliances

In conventional household devices, solutions based on SMA can play a great part helping you to maintain and grow your own competitive edge and that of your customer. Because now you can save space, complexity and costs with SMA wherever you have installed small switches, adjusting units or locking mechanisms.

Especially in the area of household appliances, where possible OEMs are looking for ready-to-use systems, SMA will help you out: Whether you are a purchaser or developer of innovative solutions.

In household appliance technology, actuation mechanisms constitute an interesting area of application for SMA. Classic actuation units, mostly induced by temperature, usually consist of wax expansion materials with large bias springs. Their space, weight and costs can be reduced significantly by using SMA. In this case, using SMA you will additionally benefit from a faster response time, a longer service life, less occupied space and an improved process reliability.

Or are you using servo motors for adjusting, locking and switching? It has been found that in many cases, small electric motors in home appliances are currently not being used ideally. This is by and large due to their properties: Force transmission takes place by plastic gears or via levers and your solutions are often equipped with complex electrical controls. This does not necessarily increase convenience but results in an increasing susceptibility to errors and failure.

This is where SMA reduces over-engineering: With SMA, your actuation element performs exactly the work you want: Reliably, noiselessly, energy efficient, cost-effectively, and for tens of thousands of cycles – or even more. To find out more, get in touch with us today.

SMA solutions in household appliances increase the satisfaction of your customers…

… because SMA allow the actuation movements of your solutions to take place silently – at the same time being highly reliable. Is this your area and does this sound interesting for you? Then we are happy to help you by showing you your potential and possibilities through the use of SMA. We will design your solution precisely for your required operating points. Innovation in household appliance technology has never been this simple.

Your solution in household appliances requires precise, reliable and cost-effective actuation mechanisms. The better you understand the overall system the more we can support you; because SMA often save you additional complexity. What are the pains you are dealing with?


In household appliances, you will in particular benefit from our experience in development and production of automotive components and solutions, taking you to the forefront of technology. Because it is here that you will profit from our expertise and competence: In the guise of structured product development and agile project management: Is your project about individual components or are you looking for ready-to-use and readily assembled functional systems with the corresponding power electronics? You will receive your desired solution that we can establish together with well-known industrial partners.

Your specific specifications are the basis for our cooperation: Are you looking for a special technical solution for a specific problem, or are you performing strategic work and are looking at developing functional systems across many of your series?

As a player in household appliance technology, you will benefit from our automotive competence not only in high scale projects: Ingpuls is audited by the large players in the automotive industry according to international industry standards. This includes adequate risk management in your project: Probably you prefer not diving into the production of millions of parts at first, but you are looking at functional prototypes and an adequate scale-up process first. This will also help you to convince

yourself about SMA. This is why Ingpuls will provide you with functional and scalable solutions, with full cost control at every phase, highly structured and according to your specs: Starting with a functional model, via the demonstrator, to pre-series project validation all the way up to your series production. Contact us for now for enquiry and get to know your benefits: Only based on the know how of Ingpuls will you find the perfect solution with SMA for your tasks

in household appliance technology. Because Ingpuls provides not only the specifically developed material: You will receive your SMA specific functional concept, in a design specific to your individual application, and in every phase you will notice that you have chosen the correct partner to be at your side.

So contact us today to discuss your project in household appliance technology. Whatever the answer to your enquiry may be: You will be surprised and enthusiastic once you find out how SMA will benefit you in your individual case.

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