More and more companies in the household appliance and white goods sectors have started to appreciate the advantages of shape memory alloys (SMA). Which component or system you are working on? We will be happy to show you how you can benefit from the use of shape memory alloys for your specific requirements.

This is how shape memory alloys help you in household appliances

You can maintain and extend your own innovative edge and that of your customers with system solutions based on shape memory alloys. Because wherever you have so far installed small switches, adjustment units or conventional locking mechanisms in household appliances, shape memory alloys will reduce installation space, complexity and costs.Especially in household appliance technology, OEMs are looking for ready-made and innovative solutions. And that’s exactly where shape memory alloys comes into play.

An interesting area of application for SMA in household appliance technology is actuating mechanisms. Classically, temperature-induced actuating units, for example, consist of wax expansion materials with large counter springs. Their installation space, weight and costs can be significantly reduced by using shape memory alloys. You will also benefit from a faster response time, a longer service life and improved process reliability.

Or do you use servo motors for adjusting, locking and switching? It has been shown that small electric motors are often used in a suboptimal way in household appliance technology due to their characteristics: Power is transmitted through plastic gears or via levers, and your solutions are equipped with complex electrical controls. These do not necessarily increase comfort, but they do result in an

 increased susceptibility to errors. Here shape memory alloys reduce over-engineering: Your actuator does exactly the job it is supposed to do: in a reliable, silent, energy-saving, cost-effective way, with a high cycle count. Let’s talk – call us today:

SMA solutions in household appliance technology increase customer satisfaction…

…because shape memory alloys reduce the noise level of the actuating movements of your solutions – whilst being highly reliable. Are you active in this field and this sounds interesting to you? Then we would be happy to assist and show you your true potential and possibilities open to you by using shape memory alloys. We will design custom-made solutions for you. Innovation in domestic appliance technology has never been easier.Your solutions in domestic appliance technology require precise, reliable and cost-effective operating mechanisms. The better you understand the overall system, the more support we can offer you; because SMA often means less complexity. What issues are you dealing with? Let us help!


In household appliance technology in particular, you can take advantage of our extensive knowledge in the development and production of automotive components.You stand to benefit from our expertise and competence in product development and project management: Does your project involve individual components, or do you require ready-to-use and assembled functional systems with the corresponding power electronics? We provide your desired solution in cooperation with established partners in the industry.Your specific needs are the basis for our cooperation: Are you looking for a technical solution to a specific problem, or are you performing strategic work and would like to develop functional improvements for your serial production?

As a player in household appliance technology, you will not only benefit from our automotive expertise on large-scale projects: Ingpuls is audited by major players in the automotive industry in accordance with international industry standards. This also includes appropriate risk management for your project: You probably don’t want to spend a fortune and may prefer to receive a functional sample first.

You will receive functional and scalable solutions from Ingpuls with full cost control in every phase: from the functional model to the demonstrator and from the pre-series project to your series production. Contact us now to find out how you can benefit: Only based on the know-how of Ingpuls you will receive an exactly fitting solution in your domestic appliance technology.

Ingpuls will not only supply you with the right material but you will receive a functional SMA concept, designed specifically for your individual application and every step of the way you will realize that you have chosen the right partner to be by your side!

Why not contact us today to discuss your project in domestic appliance technology? Whatever the answer to your query may be, you will be surprised and delighted to learn how SMA can benefit your individual project.

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