Our automotive customers already benefit from the advantageous properties of shape memory alloys (SMA). Our SMA components are designed precisely in accordance with your specific automotive application.

Shape memory alloys in the automotive industry

In addition to medical technology, shape memory alloys are now also used by the millions in many other industries and markets. In the automotive industry, thermostatic valves based on shape memory alloys are used. Whereas these used to be controlled by so-called wax expansion elements, solenoids or servomotors, such thermostats can now be used with the aid of shape memory alloys in an energy-autonomous manner in the smallest of installation spaces. The basis for the application is an understanding of the valve’s task. Based on this, the corresponding alloys are accurately equipped with the required properties.

The automotive industry offers a wide range of applications for shape memory alloys, particularly in view of future developments. While shape memory alloys are currently used primarily in the cooling circuit or to control mixing valves, they will play a decisive role in the automation of cars in the future. Actuators are essential for the development of automated cars. Shape memory alloys based on nickel-titanium offer the possibility of noiseless phase transformation. Systems and actuators based on shape memory alloys therefore operate and react silently, thus eliminating any unpleasant engine noise inside the car.

This is how your automotive application can benefit from shape memory alloys

In your field, the automotive industry, profound changes are taking place which allow you to seek opportunities by questioning your existing solutions. We will help you to find your opportunities by using shape memory alloys: In thermal management, in actuator systems, in sensor technology, in electro mobility and other applications. We are aware that you as an expert know your requirements better than us. So let’s see how we can help you realize your full potential.

Let us say this much in advance: In well over fifty automotive applications, you can benefit directly from the use of shape memory alloys. And we are happy to assist!

Thermal management is an established field in automotive applications. Used passively, shape memory alloys are an excellent replacement for wax expansion materials, for example in thermostatic valves. In this area, they work as the main functional element in self-sufficient and fast transformation thermostatic valves with very high operating cycles; at the same time saving you weight, costs, installation space and complexity. shape memory alloys from Ingpuls, in thermostatic valve,

today already are out on the move millions of times across the world. And what happens in the cooling circuit of an vehicle run on an internal combustion engine (ICE) only once is being used far more often in electric vehicles: Forget about the plethora of complex sensors and control devices: With shape memory alloys, your battery is able to maintain its preferred temperature autonomously. Sounds interesting to you? Together with you, we are happy to design your

 thermostatic valve exactly for your needs: Self-sufficient on energy, designed for your required forces, for your transformation temperatures, your installation space and your target costs. Bring your components up-to-date with the latest technology and contact us today:

In vehicles, passive shape memory alloys are generally triggered by external conditions, often media temperatures. At the same time, in vehicles SMA are excellently suited as actively controlled transformation elements. In this case, the heat input required for a change in shape is realised by means of an electrical current. Are you just looking for an shape memory alloy component designed to meet your needs, or would you prefer an entire functional unit including control electronics?


Regardless of whatever solution proves more beneficial to you:

Engineered with the know-how from Ingpuls, your automotive challenge can be solved by a passive or an active shape memory alloy solution – tailored to your needs, custom designed and from one single source – be it as a component or a system. Tell us what you need: What are your requirements? The automotive market is growing worldwide, not only for electrically powered vehicles (BEVs). Being an OEM or supplier, remember that your individual strategy is crucial: Whether you are talking about autonomous driving, on-board connectivity, mobility-as-a-service or any other automotive area. Because this is precisely where you want to maintain your leading position or attack the market leader. Many of these areas have one thing in common: Currently, small electric motors or lifting magnets are used to perform transformation operations and adjustment processes and consequently a premium class vehicle contains over 100 small electric motors. Many of these small and extremely sensitive electric motors can be replaced quite easily: By using shape memory alloys you will save costs, weight and space, at the same time often achieving ancillary benefits by functional integration. Last but not least, contrary to electric motors, active SMA elements work silently. Isn’t exactly that aspect highly important to your premium customers?

Nowadays people have become accustomed to noisy transformation elements and locking actuators but there are so many advantages for each of your product areas that can be achieved by using shape memory alloys in the automotive applications: Your soft-close mechanism can be reduced in weight and function noiselessly. The glove compartment can be design-oriented and automatically

be lowered at the push of a button, making more room for the passenger. The seat belt fastens noiselessly.  The headrests extend and retract unnoticed. The user can also benefit from advantages in the exterior of the vehicle: Customers will be pleasantly surprised how the outer mirrors fold in or out silently. Even in areas which often go unnoticed by the driver, actively

controlled shape memory alloys have their advantages: Be it active grille shutters, flap adjustment mechanisms in the ventilation system or pump mechanisms for cleaning optical sensors. The possibilities for your application are only limited by your imagination.

Wherever it may make sense for you and your automotive customers: This is where we jointly examine how we can use shape memory alloys to your benefit: It is because we know that you know your specific requirements much better than we do. You are able to quantify your benefits much more precisely. This allows you to offer your customers innovative, state of the art solutions while at the same time saving costs. Please call us: Let’s talk together about your project!

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