From the discovery of SMA to your new possibilities

The shape memory effect was discovered by A. Ölander in a gold-cadmium alloy as early as 1932. In 1963, then, the Naval Ordnance Laboratory achieved a breakthrough with nickel-titanium in the USA. Since then, the research intensity has progressed in different waves. Thousands of patents were created, but in relation to this, only a few solutions proved to be feasible in the past.

With its peak competence in this field, Ingpuls GmbH stands out as a unique supplier worldwide. For the first time, solutions based on SMA are conquering the markets across industries – with a totally new maturity level – and are displacing established solutions: A new wave has been triggered which is finally leading to real products.

Complexity down to the last atom. What are the challenges?

The breakthrough was lacking in the past due to several reasons. To begin with, there was a lack of a fully integrated supplier that represented the entire industrial value chain from the development to the installation in functional solutions. Many omissions and mistakes were made in the past especially at the interface between supplier and user. In addition, SMA requires absolute specialist knowledge in all areas concerned: With SMA, it is important to reconcile the extremely complex relationships between

material composition (alloy) and processing (melting and heat treatment to the semi-finished product) with an understanding of the customer’s installation situation and operating conditions. Even the slightest deviation in any of these areas resulted in products that simply did not work anymore. So the customer would think: SMA works. But that is not true in most cases.

How to make the most of your possibilities with SMA

Accordingly, only a fraction of SMA’s potential has been exhausted today. Used correctly, SMA offers you a blue ocean in your market. Its possibilities are diverse and almost unlimited, as SMA is a cross-sectional technology. With Ingpuls as a fully integrated solution provider for functional materials made from SMA, you now have undreamt-of opportunities to innovate on the market. This is because Ingpuls masters the material-specific complexities – all from one source. All you need to do is tell us what you require.

Your introduction to SMA

The more you understand the basic properties of SMA, the more likely you are to identify and filter out the best of your ideas and concepts. We offer you seminars and webinars in which you can learn the technical basics of SMA, at our office, at your premises as an in-house seminar or fully digitally without travel costs and CO2 

emissions in the form of a webinar. Or would you like to get going straightaway? We cordially invite you to engage with the SMA topic and discover your new potentials. Should you have any further questions, we will be happy to assist you – just contact us!


SMA Academy

Characterisation of NiTi SMA

The shape memory effect is not magic: It can be explained using materials science. To make technical and individual use of this effect for your desired purpose, environmental conditions such as the temperatures during…



SMA Academy

Properties of NiTi SMA

If your SMA component consists of two alloying elements, is will be called a binary SMA. In a tensile test, binary NiTi SMA (composed of nickel and titanium) achieve strengths of more than 1200 MPa [N/mm²] and an…



SMA Academy

Manufacturing of NiTi SMA

Based on some metallographic basics, you will get to know SMA with more than two alloy components and their typical application areas. Thereafter, you will gain a more in-depth understanding of martensite and austenite…



SMA Academy

Quality assurance

How can the quality of SMA / Nitinol be assured? For your conventional materials, i.e. metallic structural materials, you will be familiar with the tensile test. You normally will use this test as standard procedure for…



SMA Academy

Application of NiTi SMA

The shape memory alloys (FGL) which are available to you at Ingpuls are based on the alloying elements Nickel (Ni) and titanium (Ti) (described as binary NiTi SMA). These can be obtained in various basic geometries…



SMA Academy

SMA Webinar

Take your technology – building on SMA – to the next level. Ideally before your competitors do the same: Discover the areas in which you can combine extended functionality with cost savings. You will quickly come to realise…