After this course, you will take your applications to a new level with SMA

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Shape memory technology is revolutionizing the possibilities available to you in your industry: And it’s doing so across all sectors, whether it be in the automotive industry, aerospace or medical technology.


If you have some basic experience with SMA, then book your next webinar appointment right here. There you will get to know shape memory alloys in detail. Or maybe you already have quite a specific requirement?

To take advantage of shape memory alloys…

…it has proven to be helpful in the past that you, as an interested party, understand the basics of SMA. Perhaps you have already informed yourself about shape memory alloys in the quick course and got a taste of the technology.

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After this free course, you will be able to bring your project to success, because you will know the basics of the shape memory effect, its characteristics, special features and special material parameters. You will know important design parameters and will be able to assess how well a solution based on shape memory alloys will help you in your project.

Not only will you be able to understand the behaviour of shape memory alloys, but you will also be able to explain it to your colleagues, superiors and above all to your customers. This has proven to be very helpful in ensuring that you achieve sufficient commitment for your innovative solution.

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