You know Nitinol as an established material in medical technology. But now, Nitinol offers you completely new opportunities when using modified alloys and production processes. Do not let yourself be limited by the standard functions of the superelastic Nitinol material: Expand the spectrum of your possibilities and create completely new functionalities!

This is how Nitinol moves you forward in medical technology

High-tech solutions and solid margins? As a player in medical technology, you know that these are only possible if you can continuously offer innovative solutions. Shape memory technology already plays a decisive role in this. Whether in coronary vascular surgery, in dental medicine or in trauma surgery: this is where shape memory alloys (SMA) or Nitinol prove their advantages on a daily basis.

When talking about Nitinol, what you are thinking of in medical tech are the superelastic properties of Nitinol. What if you not only are looking for purer material than in ASTM? If you change the alloy composition and expand the spectrum of properties? In medical technology, you now have the chance to develop solutions in completely new areas of application: Be it by using novel nickel and titanium-based SMA outside the range of the available standard alloys. Or be it by “merely” using Nitinol from Ingpuls with standards far beyond ASTM.

The use of Nitinol in medical applications has increased the quality of life of millions of patients. In this case, biocompatible Nitinol has played an outstanding role: In vascular surgery, superelastic Nitinol stents stabilise coronary arteries – implanted by keyhole surgery. Superelastic dental brace wires or bracelets provide a constant tensile force between the teeth; without relaxation losses caused by newly taken positions of the teeth. Superelastic pins reliably connect bones after

serious fractures – all based on the standard alloy Nitinol. But how do you find novel solutions exceeding the pure superelasticity at body temperature? You may be interested in seeing the shape memory effect merely in certain situations, for example during replacement of implants. Or if you are seeking to selectively stiffen your apparatus depending on the situation, and wish to return to a superelastic state only during sterilisation.

Do you want to benefit from the many other properties of SMA and create new applications? Then at Ingpuls, with our comprehensive know how in SMA based product and alloy development, we will stand at your side. Contact us today to talk now!

What you can achieve with Ingpuls: Instead of trial and error, tinkering with standard alloys available on the market to find a solution just good enough, you will receive your ideal material and solution for the specific challenge of your application. This is what we understand as real product development through real material competence. And that is exactly how you will achieve your next leapfrog innovation for your products, enabling you to outperform your competitors. Asking us is free – as long as you do it before your competitors.

We will discuss your challenges discreetly under a confidentiality agreement. And irrespective of the approach which offers you and your customers the greatest advantages: With SMA centred know-how from Ingpuls you will receive a custom solution to your medical tech problem from one single source – whether directly as a component or as a system in collaboration with our partners. A perfect one-stop-shop solution. What are your requirements?


Are you engaged in orthopaedic surgery? Then you might be interested in your options to minimise orthopaedic side effects of your operations. In this case those SMA which perform switching or actuating operations at a specific time may be helpful to you. Or you are using flexible surgical and endoscopic devices which stiffen at a defined location at the press of a button. These properties can be implemented by guide wires with special alloys in SMA technology for the benefit of your patients. An aging society requires ever more gentle intervention methods which at the same time are cheaper. Not only in medical devices, also in the process of medical interventions, doctors and patients benefit from the possibilities provided by SMA.

Tell us what you are thinking of and say goodbye to the limits of standard Nitinol!

Your contact person: Jan Mayer

Besides devices which require partial stiffening, SMA in medical technology are suitable for medical devices. As a micro-gripping system, SMA help you removing tissue even more gently than before. Your brain spatulas work even more precisely and carefully by means of optimised mechanical properties. You can achieve a safer use of catheters. Your blood vessel clamps can be controlled actively and more precisely. Your occluders broaden their functionality. Hip operations become more gentle.

Root canal files work more precisely and with an increased durability. Medicines can be better dosed. What has been proven in space now also is possible in your medical application using SMA solutions from Ingpuls that exceed Nitinol®. Developed according to your requirements, our SMA allow you to achieve a higher competitive advantage. And this can allow your products and processes to be ahead of the game for many years. Now is exactly the right time to jump take

up on the trend and design functionalities by the use of actuator materials, rather than resorting to the limited possibilities of conventional Nitinol, superelastic materials. And that is precisely what you will find with us: From product development to engineering, from components to systems themselves. Say goodbye to the limits of standard Nitinol alloys.

With individually alloyed components in SMA you will break the limits of your imagination. Because besides the standard material – known as Nitinol – much more than you would think of now has become possible. Combine the advantages of superelastic biocompatible metals with the functionality of actuator material. This allows you to create functional integration and process improvements while saving costs at the same time.

In order to extend your competitive advantage: Discuss your medical challenge with us today so we can test possible approaches. You will clearly see your opportuinities.

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