There are countless opportunities for you in civil engineering when you use products and solutions based on shape memory alloys (SMA). In order to fulfil your specific requirements, we take a targeted and accurate approach with our SMAs.

This is how solutions in civil engineering benefit from shape memory alloys

Not only since the age of the “Internet of Things” or “Smart Home”, but also in established solutions that have long been accepted by consumers, shape memory alloys offer you enormous potential for innovation. After all, smart solutions do not have to be limited to consumer monitoring: they are already being used in water circuits, shading solutions, security applications and much moreYou take advantage of these direct potentials through SMA in building technology today. Take your solution to the next level: by means of intelligent solutions based on shape memory alloys.

For your temperature levels, forces and desired design: in line with your wishes and individually designed, we will provide your shape memory alloy element with a “target shape” and write an  actuating temperature into its “memory”. Shape memory alloys (SMA) change their shape when a certain temperature level is reached and can be returned to their original state. In buildings, control systems of water circuits are therefore a front runner for SMA use.

Now you are able to design your valves and controls in circuits using shape memory alloys to be energy-efficient, noiseless and fail-safe – as proven already a million times over in the automotive industry. You can dispense with expensive and sluggish wax expanders which still find widespread use today. Whether you are in the business of selling valves for heating systems, thermostatic valves, thermal drives or zone valves

or solutions for water-cooled fireplaces or expansion tanks: all water and fluid circuits can be intelligently controlled by shape memory alloys with an increased service life, faster response and at lower cost. Contact us today and find out about your advantages now!

With regards to the control of media flows, classic SMA are usually used passively. Similar to the functions of shape memory alloys in safety valves for nuclear power plants, it`s rapid response behaviour, makes it perfect for use in protection from scalding and overheating. If you are working in the field of actively controlled valves, the heat required for the change in shape can also be applied by means of electric currents. Does this pique your interest, e.g. for your faucets, 3-way valves or thermoelectric actuators? How many operating cycles would you like? Which actuator positions need to be held? How do you manage to meet your target costs and at the same time offer your customers innovative silent and fail-safe solutions?

If you want to quantify your advantages by using shape memory alloys, all you need to do is tell us about your individual requirements. We will take care of the rest.When it comes to civil engineering, you can also benefit from shape memory alloys in completely different areas: fire protection, shading systems, ventilation systems, air conditioning or the building structure itself – your added value is the sole focus of our feasibility analysis with shape memory alloys. For use in fire protection, in cooperation with one of our partners we have already developed actuators that will stand the test of time. This saves over 90% of the life cycle costs. The same applies to vents and fire protection doors activated by shape memory alloys.

Also in the building structure itself shape memory alloys are in charge of detecting and characterising crack formation in concrete constructions or are used as structural dampers against vibrations and resonance in high-rise buildings. In the field of shading systems, shape memory alloy systems allow you to silently adjust blinds, awnings or solar sails as required. Regardless of whether your system is actively controlled (electrically) or reacts passively (through temperatures). Intelligent shading solutions are not only of interest to your B2B customers. With the trend towards smart home solutions, there are great opportunities emerging in the B2C market.


On the one hand, the use of shape memory alloys allows you to upgrade your systems and offer your customers innovative solutions for existing products. At the same time, areas such as smart home, smart office and smart building offer you rapidly growing sales opportunities. These are opportunities for you to create new or smarter as well as cost saving solutions. In addition, in your field of civil engineering in particular, legislations are put in place to enforce smarter solutions. Stricter regulations in the construction industry for new build properties in particular offer you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors with shape memory alloy solutions:

Stricter regulations in the construction industry for new build properties in particular offer you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors with shape memory alloy solutions: The control of ventilation systems, novel closing mechanisms of windows, anti-theft locking devices: Passively or actively controlled, silent and invisibly integrated, householders can gain a real benefit from your novel high-tech solutions based on shape memory alloys. This also offers you opportunities to conquer an emerging market with completely new products. Whether you want to take existing

building technology, such as thermal actuators or valves to a new level, or you want to offer your customers completely new, intelligent solutions: With SMA from our company, you are on the right track; as the only supplier with an integrated value chain: from the specification of your requirement, through to design and prototype, all the way to the manufacture and assembly of your innovative solution.

As you can see: SMA is a cross-sector technology with virtually no limits to its use in building technology. Give your product concepts a new lease of life with our support through the entire process! If you would like to find out more about the various options available to you, we will – on signing of an NDA, if required – discuss with you to what extent your concepts can experience a true innovation boost through SMA. Get in touch with us today!

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