There are numerous opportunities for you in building engineering by using products and solutions based on shape memory alloys (SMA). Our SMA work in a targeted manner and specifically fulfill your exact requirements.

This is how solutions in building technology benefit from SMA

Not only since the age of the “internet of things” or “smart home”: Your industry offers enormous potential for innovation, also in solutions which are well established and long accepted by the consumer. Because intelligent solutions don’t have to be limited just to monitoring functions: Already today, SMA solutions are used in water circuits of heating systems and sanitary installations, shading solutions, safety applications and many other areas.

These direct opportunities with SMA in building technology already lie at the grasp of your hand. Take your solution to the next level: By means of intelligent solutions based on SMA.

For your temperature levels, your required forces and your specifically desired design: In line with your wishes and individually designed, before use we will provide your SMA element with a “target shape” and write an actuation temperature into its “memory”. Shape memory alloys (SMA) change their shape when a certain temperature level is reached and can be reversibly re-shaped into their initial state. Therefore, in buildings, control systems of water circuits are predestined for the

use of SMA. Now you are able to design your valves and controls in circuits using SMA to be self sufficient on energy, noiseless and fail-safe – as proven millions of times over and over in the automotive industry. Avoid expensive and slow wax expansion materials which today still find widespread use but gradually are seeing themselves being replaced by SMA. Whether you are distributing valves in heating systems, from thermostatic valves to thermal drives or zone valves,

or solutions for water-bearing chimneys or compensation tanks: All water and liquid circuits can be regulated in an intelligent way by SMA: With an increased service life, faster response behaviour and at lower costs. Talk to us today and take your chance at understanding your benefits!

Related to the control of media flows, SMA are usually used passively. Similar to the functions of our SMA in safety valves for nuclear power plants, their rapid response behaviour of SMA allows you to implement mechanisms for protection from scalding or overheating. If you are working in the area of actively controlled valves, it is also possible to apply the heat required for the change in shape by means of an electrical current.

Does that sound interesting to you, for example for your faucets, three-way valves or thermoelectric drives? How many operating cycles are you looking for? Which actuation positions have to be held? How do you manage to meet your target costs and at the same time offer your customers zero-noise, innovative, fail-safe solutions? If you want to quantify your advantages by using SMA, then all you need to do is tell us your individual requirements. We will take care of the rest.

Talking about building technology, many further areas allow you to benefit from SMA: In fire protection, in cladding systems, in ventilation systems, air-conditioning technology or in the building structure itself – your added value is the sole focus of our feasibility analysis with SMA. For use in fire protection, we have developed reusable actuators together with a partner for active or passive smoke removal, without the usually prevailing destruction of the maintenance component many times during service life. This saves more than 90% of life cycle costs. The same applies for smoke extractors and fire protection doors which are activated by SMA.

But also in the building structure itself: Here, SMA are in charge of detecting and characterising crack formation in concrete constructions, or are used as structural dampers against vibrations and resonance in high-rise buildings. In the area of shading systems, SMA systems now allow you to adjust blinds, awnings or sunshades exactly the way you want. Whether your system is actively controlled (electric) or passively reacting (through temperatures). Intelligent shading solutions are not just interesting for your customers in B2B. With the trend for the smart home solutions there is enormous potential in B2C.


On the one hand SMA allow you to upgrade your existing systems and offer innovative solutions to your customers. At the same time, areas such as smart home, smart office and smart building are offering you rapidly growing sales opportunities. Best chances for new and intelligent solutions which at the same time save costs. Additionally, in your area of building technology, smart solutions are in particular driven by legislative activities. These especially comprise stricter regulations for new building projects where smart solutions based on SMA

offer you a real chance of differentiation to your competitors: Noiseless control of ventilation systems, novel (un)locking mechanisms of windows, anti-burglary devices: Passively or actively controlled, silent and invisibly integrated, homeowners can gain a real benefit from your novel high-tech solutions based on SMA. This allows you to conquer a newly forming market with completely new products. Whether you want to take existing building technology such as thermal actuating drives or valves to a new level;

or whether you are looking at offering your customers intelligent solutions completely novel to the market: With our SMA you have made the right choice; as the only provider with an entirely integrated value chain: From the specification of your requirements, to the design and prototyping, all the way to the production and assembly of your innovative solution.

As you can see: SMA is a cross-sector technology posing only few limits for use in building technology. Inspire your customers and breathe new life into your building technology product concepts. Allow us to accompany you in order to find out your possibilities. We will discuss your concepts together – if required with an NDA – and work together to find a true boost of innovation for your customers based on SMA. Contact us now and talk to us today!

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