The world of SMA is in the move: Seize your opportunities now!

You have informed yourself about SMA in this quick course. Most interested visitors don’t check out this site without reason.

Sometimes they just want to get a first overview of shape memory technology. Others heard about shape memory alloys (SMA) from other sources or have ventured out a few times to find out more – for example with our Introduction Set. Still others already have concrete ideas about how they want to use SMA. They all have one thing in common: SMA has inspired all of them. And quite rightly so.

Because SMA, as a cross-sectional technology, offers you entirely new possibilities. What began in laboratory tests in the USA in the 1960s is now finally market-ready; and will help your application reach new heights in a very short amount of time.

Sometimes you just need to think a bit further outside the box.

But we will support you with that: It all starts with your short enquiry. It ends with you receiving a functional component ready for series production.

Just follow the example of our excited customers. Take your technology – building on SMA – to the next level. Ideally before your competitors do the same: Discover the areas in which you can combine extended functionality with cost savings. You will quickly come to realise that we see ourselves as a partner when it comes to reaching your goals. If you merely want to expand your knowledge, it is best to take the SMA course first: In this course, we have prepared the basics of SMA in an easily

understandable way and at the same time provide a summary for reference purposes. Or are you already further than that? Then select an appointment here:

Do you already have a specific request today?

Every quarter, we host our SMA user webinar in Bochum.

In the course of a compact, single-day event, our SMA experts convey the most important basics to provide users or potential users with the necessary background knowledge. Over the course of four topical blocks, we cover the most important aspects of using this technology to successfully develop the products of tomorrow.

On top of the most important principles of materials science, we describe the characterisation methods commonly used for SMA to ensure a reproducible quality for both the manufacturer and the user. The second part of the event then focuses on application-specific questions. We present the most relevant aspects of product development, ranging from the design with regard to service life and functional stability, to system integration and electronic control.

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