Especially in consumer electronics you will find it worthwhile considering making use of shape memory alloys (SMA): Because hardly any industry is as innovative as yours. High cost pressure and the constant demand for improved functions, that’s what you are used to.

How to benefit from of SMA in consumer electronics

Beside software innovation, a lot of innovations in consumer electronics is actually based on hardware. Therein, there is an unbroken trend for miniaturised modules. Consider the delicate motor mechanics in adjusting mechanisms, or the need for innovative assembly techniques for smartphones: These are areas where SMA prove highly advantageous.

Hardware components are becoming smaller and smaller and miniaturised motors play a large role: This is where you will find compelling arguments for using SMA in your application.

Particularly in consumer electronics, smaller solutions must be accompanied by decreasing costs and functional integration. These – in actual fact – competing aspects can be harmonised and brought in line very well through SMA. Newcomers to the field are usually amazed by the forces which SMA elements can develop while they are confined to the smallest dimensions. When using SMA for switching operations, you will be awarded with an extremely low energy consumption and a minimal required space.

We will let you concentrate on the integration into your hardware by developing the perfect control device for you. But not only in the realm of switching operations: In consumer electronics, you can also profit from one-time applications with SMA where the change in shape only takes place once. For instance, this is often required in joining technology. Whether you are using plug connectors or adhesives: In assembly technology, you get far more out of SMA than pure process improvements.

Think of the many cases where theoretically undetachable connections in fact do have to be designed to be separated later. This is where you can use SMA to your benefit by creating entirely novel approaches. Do go ahead and contact us with your question:

Miniaturised switching processes and optimised assembly technology only represent two examples of applying SMA in consumer electronics. Many applications find their origin in medical technology. Due to our comprehensive understanding of SMA, with the possibility of benefiting from the full scope of our service portfolio, at Ingpuls we are able to provide you with transfer from medical tech – at prices you only know from mass production.

This way, you will not only withstand the pressure of low costs from the competitors of your industry: You will be able to offer innovative solutions, ensure functional integration and simultaneously reduce complexity.

In your field of activity within consumer electronics, how high do reckon your potential for solutions based on SMA? In consumer electronics you often need to reconcile targets which at first glance appear contradictory. This conflict can be solved with SMA. Are you looking for miniature adjusting units, thermally controlled locking/unlocking devices or even thin-film actuators? As diverse as the requirements of our customers may be – such diversely can SMA be used in consumer electronics, exactly tailored to your needs and working spot on to the requirements of your application.

As a wire, as a sheet metal, as a functional coating; actively controlled or passively reacting; as a component or as a complete system; as a concept or as a volume-manufactured product? For your production in Asia or just delivered to Europe or the United States? Discover your possibilities that you can achieve through SMA together with us right now.


For your field of activity within consumer electronics, solutions made up of SMA will interest you:

How can your curved or rollable displays change their shape? Is the current way of connecting batteries within mobile devices the ideal solution? How can high resolution miniature cameras like in smartphones provide ever greater performance? A virtually endless number of projects based on SMA is waiting for you, to

be triggered together with Ingpuls. Talk to us. Show your customers the real power of your innovation. Become the leader in novel solutions: For some product types, you might even be the first player to use SMA. Here, youwill experience structured project development expertise like in the automotive industry,

innovation like in medical technology and costs like in the mass market. Is this an offer which sounds interesting to you?

Isn’t that a great reason to get in touch with us today? We also know that – working with consumer electronics – you may be particularly concerned about the confidentiality of your projects. Know that we are happy to talk on the basis of non-disclosure agreements. Contact us today and learn how your projects can benefit from SMA

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