In industrial use, shape memory alloys (SMA) offer you an almost infinite number of opportunities for application: However varied your industry may be – you will find your possibilities with SMA to be just as diverse. Contact us to talk about your projects.

This is how SMA ideally are used in an industrial context

Each of your industrial applications has its special requirements. If you are looking for temperature-induced regulation, then in particular passive SMA could interest you. Or do you prefer to perform active switching operations or controlled adjustment of mechanical movement and changing properties? Then you are especially looking at actively controlled SMA.

In power plant technology, in machine and plant engineering or in robotics, whether as a structural component, as an actuation element or as a functional coating: That’s where SMA will help you out.

Passive SMA are particularly suitable where you wish to perform switching operations at a predetermined temperature threshold. These can be found in many large industrial applications: As an example, our SMA provide failsafe devices in power plant systems: Based on a predetermined temperature level at which the cooling circuit reaches a critical operating condition, safety valves made up of SMA open, thus preventing the system from overheating, energy-independent and reliably. Likewise, cooling circuits in data centres can be regulated, similarly to those in battery electric vehicles

or cars with combustion engines. What do you want to protect from an excessively high or low temperature? But our customers also apply many SMA solutions in an industrial environment that are actively controlled: In this case, the change in shape is performed by inducing heat using an electrical current. And if you wish, you will receive your required electronics along with your SMA solution – individually programmed to your solution. Other areas where our industrial customers use SMA include functional coating, in particular for reducing vibration, for compensating

thermal clearance, for optimising surfaces or simply for protecting against wear. Where do you see your opportunity to improve your product?

Experience teaches us: It is only together with our customers that we can we create the ideal solution based on SMA. Being interested in SMA, you as our potential customer know your requirements down to the smallest detail. You can pinpoint operating points, forces, ambient temperatures and the special features of your application. And exactly according to your individual task, that is how we design our SMA. Each solution is unique.


High-tech off the peg?

Once designed, we are able to mass-produce your required solution. Because Ingpuls is the only SMA solution provider worldwide with a one stop shop, providing your solution from one single source. This way, you will receive ready solutions instead of individual components, saving you effort and costs. In our cooperation you will not only benefit from our unique competence as a development and service provider for SMA.

You will also take multiple advantages from the transfer of know how: From our proximity to the Ruhr University Bochum with the latest material developments in SMA research; from our automotive certification and the experience of structured execution of development projects; from our flexibility paired with full cost control; and from our position at the forefront of SMA applications – source of continuous development on application research. Now, it is entirely up to you where you want to benefit from SMA. Are you looking for intelligent actuation drives? Switching units? Do you want to regulate media flows? Are you interested in coatings optimised against vibration or wear?

It is only through their cooperation with Ingpuls that many of our industrial partners have learned how solenoid valves can be replaced by SMA. Especially wherever actuators are installed, SMA usually additionally allow for functional integration. This not only saves you costs but also ensures reliability for a long-lasting use. In fire protection systems that use our SMA, other customers have found to be able to achieve huge

fringe benefits: Less maintenance (or none at all), avoiding complex testing procedures and labour costs. Reason being is that SMA work not only where it is warm: A large majority of applications concern areas where large solutions have been used for small problems: Adjustment units with a small stroke where pneumatics are used; latching mechanisms designed with an electric motor that requires permanent

“power-on”; closures which ideally should function without noise; actuation drives and reversing devices working with servo motors which can be activated only with complex control mechanism; …

We are aware that you yourself are the best source of ideas and best know your requirements. Therefore, let’s discuss together what innovative solution you can offer by using SMA. Saving costs and at the same time improving functionality – that’s what SMA are particularly suitable for in industrial applications. So contact us today.

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