The market specialization of Ingpuls


Shape memory alloys in automotive

Our automotive customers are greatly benefiting from the advantages of shape memory alloys (SMA). Spot on for your specific automotive application, that’s how we will design your SMA component:

Shape memory alloys in aerospace

Space X, the Ariane project and NASA are flying with our parts. But even in commercial aviation, shape memory alloys (SMA) make your technical possibilities take off: Wings to fly for your new...
Medical Technology

Nitinol in Medical Technology

You know Nitinol as an established material in medical technology. But now, Nitinol offer you completely new opportunities when using modified alloys and production processes. Do not let yourself be...
Consumer Electronics

SMA in Consumer Electronics

Especially in consumer electronics you will find it worthwhile considering making use of shape memory alloys (SMA): Because hardly any industry is as innovative as yours. High cost pressure and the...
Home Appliances

SMA in Household Appliances

More and more companies from the field of household appliances and white goods have been starting to value the advantages of shape memory alloys (SMA). What is the component or system you are...
Civil Technology

SMA in Civil Engineering

There are numerous opportunities for you in building engineering by using products and solutions based on shape memory alloys (SMA). Our SMA work in a targeted manner and specifically fulfill your...

Industrial SMA Applications

In industrial use, shape memory alloys (SMA) offer you an almost infinite number of opportunities for application: However varied your industry may be – you will find your possibilities with SMA to...