In aerospace, process safety, reliability and weight play a critical role. Shape memory alloys (SMA) offer a wide range of possibilities with functional integration, long service life, process reliability and low weight.

Possibilities offered by shape memory alloys in aerospace applications

Shape memory alloys (SMA) can be used in aerospace applications such as structural components, providing optimized airflow in any flight position. There are also applications for shape memory alloys (SMA) in the fuel sector, for example in the connection of sleeves made of SMA lines. In addition, shape memory alloys (SMA) can be used for unlocking mechanisms for oxygen masks. These are just a few examples of the use of shape memory alloys (SMA) in aerospace applications.

Why shape memory alloys in aerospace?

Multi-layered, technical possibilities ensure the application-specific use of shape memory alloys (SMA) in the aerospace sector. Another advantage is the low weight compared to other solutions. Thermal coating of SMA offers aerospace a wide range of options for engines and other highly stressed parts.

Current examples for shape memory alloys in aerospace

Shape memory alloys (SMA) are already being used to launch satellites into controlled orbit or to deploy solar panels from satellites. Shape memory alloys (SMA) are also used in rockets to cap the propellant lines.

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