Ingpuls & the LWW invite to the BoKoMaT 2023

Bochum, 15.06.2023: As a specialist for shape memory alloys, Ingpuls GmbH in cooperation with the LWW (RUB) invites you to the 8th Bochum Colloquium for Martensitic Transformations on September 28 and 29, 2023. The specialist conference for nickel-titanium shape memory alloys will be held for the 8th time in Bochum after a break due to the pandemic. Since its start more than 20 years ago, BoKoMaT has grown immensely, and this year again welcomes high-ranking speakers, globally relevant players and interested guests, to the event premises of the Ruhr University Bochum.

Lectures and future perspectives

BoKoMaT 2023 offers a wide range of expert presentations, discussion rounds and explicit space for individual discussions, mutual exchange, knowledge transfer and further education. Speakers and relevant players will present the latest results from shape memory technology, new opportunities in various industries and discuss current market developments. In a two-way discussion, BoKoMaT also looks to the future, new possibilities and the future prospects of shape memory technology.

Separate exhibitor platform at BoKoMaT

The production of shape memory alloys and their application and implementation in existing products will be the focus of the technical papers at this year’s BoKoMaT. This year, for the first time, BoKoMaT is opening its own exhibitor platform as part of the conference. During the conference participants are able to present their SMA products and continue to make contact with relevant market participants and

(potential) customers. This time, the Ingpuls joint ventures Ingpuls Medical & Ingpuls Dynamics will present themselves as main partner, Vascotube, EUROFLEX & smart³ as premium partner, the company ZEISS as business partner and the comapany Xinco with its Kezzel as well as the Ingpuls spin-off Ingpuls Smart Shadings.

Cooperation between Ingpuls and the LWW

As in previous years, the 8th BoKoMaT will be organized in cooperation between Ingpuls GmbH and the LWW (RUB). The Chair of Materials Science, from which Ingpuls emerged as a spin-off, has made the Ruhr-Universität Bochum an internationally visible location for shape memory research over the last decades. As one of the few companies in the world that offers the entire vertical range of production for shape memory alloys, Ingpuls has a pioneering position as an organizer.In addition to the two organizers, this year’s BoKoMaT will be presented by Ingpuls Medical and Ingpuls Dynamics.For more information on BoKoMaT 2023, the conference schedule and speakers, please visit the BoKoMaT website at: