The brandgroup and Ingpuls establish joint venture

The brandgroup and Ingpuls announce the foundation of Ingpuls Dynamics

Anröchte and Bochum, February 07, 2023 – Announcement of the joint venture between Brandholding KG (brandgroup) and Ingpuls GmbH: Ingpuls Dynamics GmbH, based in Bochum, Germany. The brandgroup, a leading global supplier of technical springs as well as spring assemblies, and Ingpuls, manufacturer of high-purity and customized shape memory alloys (SMA), establish the joint venture Ingpuls Dynamics, based in Bochum.

Ingpuls Dynamics will produce SMA actuators, assemblies and systems for various industries in the future

With Ingpuls Dynamics, the two North Rhine-Westphalian companies combine their strengths in a unique way. brandgroup and Ingpuls already hold leading positions in their respective markets, so the joint venture is a logical consequence, resulting from many years of successful cooperation between the two companies at various levels. With Ingpuls Dynamics, they pursue the goal of creating added value for their joint customers. The vertical integration of the Ingpuls Dynamics joint venture enables the two companies to significantly reduce complexity in the use of shape memory alloys on the customer side.

Where Ingpuls’ pure material production usually ends, Ingpuls Dynamics takes up the work. The Ingpuls Dynamics joint venture is responsible for the development and manufacture of SMA actuator components, assemblies and systems. Ingpuls Dynamics’ customer support, project management and pre-development activities will be located in a newly established technical center in Bochum. Series production, on the other hand, will initially take place in Anröchte and, in the further course, also at the brandgroup’s international locations. The brandgroup has a presence with successful and certified production sites in Germany, Poland, Mexico and China. These production sites enable Ingpuls Dynamics, even as a young joint venture, to have a immediate present where the supply chains of their respective target markets require it.
One of Ingpuls Dynamics’ explicit values is to invest in long-term partnerships and sustainable business relationships. It is our common goal to be a strong supplier for our customers and to guarantee highest quality and reliability with transparent communication. Ingpuls Dynamics will be located in Bochum, Germany, in a new building adjacent to Ingpuls’ current headquarters and production facilities. In this way, the synergies with Ingpuls GmbH can be used in the best possible way.

“We have been working with Ingpuls for many years and are impressed by the progress the company has been able to make in the field of shape memory technology during this period. Their understanding of thinking holistically about solutions based on SMA is the ideal complement to brandgroup’s expertise. Our decades of experience as a reliable manufacturer in challenging industries and markets will help us to advance the establishment of the technology with Ingpuls. We are therefore very much looking forward to continuing our cooperation with the Ingpuls team through the joint venture!” (Björn Schroer, Managing Partner of brandgroup)

“We have known the people at brandgroup for a long time and have always been able to rely 100% on the colleagues and the team behind them. We see the cooperation with brandgroup as a perfect fit in terms of corporate culture as well as shared values, such as customer orientation, innovative strength and reliability. Together we want to push innovations and help our customers to benefit from the advantages of the technology as uncomplicated as possible through our products. The cooperation with brandgroup has grown over the years and brings everything with it to perfectly meet the needs customers are facing today.” (Dr. Christian Großmann, CEO of Ingpuls GmbH)