A review of the BoKoMaT_8 2023 in Bochum at Ruhr-Universität Bochum

On September 28 and 29, 2023, BoKoMaT, the 8th Bochum Colloquium for Martensitic Transformations, took place in the event center of th Ruhr-Universität Bochum. With a new design, BoKoMaT invited participants to Bochum for the specialist conference on nickel-titanium shape memory alloys with specialist presentations, discussion panels, knowledge transfer and a new, dedicated exhibitor platform. As in previous years, Ingpuls GmbH and the Lehrstuhl Werkstoffwissenschaft (RUB) acted as organizers and hosts of BoKoMaT.

BoKoMaT_8 presented itself with a 17-hour program

The two-day conference on nickel-titanium shape memory alloys and martensitic transformations presented itself with a program lasting around 17 hours. The world’s leading scientists and players came together at the Ruhr University Bochum’s event center to exchange knowledge. The specialist presentations were complemented by BoKoMaT’s own exhibitor platform, which was organized for the first time.

International speakers spoke about shape memory alloys

International speakers from science and industry shared insights into their current scientific work, research and findings in the field of shape memory alloys, especially nickel-titanium, in 22 specialist presentations. This year’s speakers included Dr. Alan R. Pelton (Chief Technical Officer of G.RAU Inc.), Prof. Dr. Michael J. Mills (The Ohio State University), Prof. Dr. Gunther Eggeler (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Prof. Dr. Gabi Schierning (Research Alliance Ruhr, UDE), Dr. Jaka Tušek (University of Ljubljana) and many other renowned scientists from all over the world. During and between the BoKoMaT presentations, participants and speakers discussed the research results presented, the possibilities of shape memory alloys for different industries and the future prospects of shape memory alloys on the market and in science.

Laboratory tours of the “Lehrstuhl Werkstoffwissenschaft”

As co-organizer and host of the BoKoMaT, the “Lehrstuhl Werkstoffwissenschaft” of uhr University Bochum offered BoKoMaT participants and speakers the opportunity to take part in guided tours of the LWW laboratory after the first day of the conference. Participants and speakers showed great interest in the laboratory tours and took part in the tours in large numbers. These were conducted by research assistants from the chair, who also passed on their scientific findings as speakers at BoKoMaT. The first day of the BoKoMaT concluded with a joint evening dinner, accompanied by music in the appropriate atmosphere of the RUB’s IAN experimental hall.

Panel talk at the end of the 8th BoKoMaT

After two days filled with exciting specialist presentations and a lively international exchange, a concluding panel talk on Friday summarized some of the latest scientific findings and focused on the new and promising discipline of elastocalorics. The panel talk was moderated by Dr. Christian Großmann (CEO / CSO Ingpuls GmbH), on the podium Dr. Alan R. Pelton (G.RAU Inc.), Dr. Jaka Tušek (University of Ljubljana), Prof. Dr. Paul Motzki (ZeMa) und Aaron Kueck (Carrier). In addition to the numerous fruitful conversations that took place between the individual presentations, some exciting impulses were generated. The panel talk was thus an appropriate conclusion to this year’s BoKoMaT_8.

Partners and sponsors of BoKoMaT

In addition to the speakers and participants, the realization of an international conference also requires strong partners who have contributed significantly to the success of the 8th BoKoMaT. As organizers and hosts, the Chair of Materials Science at RUB and Ingpuls GmbH would like to express their special thanks to this year’s BoKoMaT partners: Ingpuls Dynamics, Ingpuls Medical, EUROFLEX, Vascotube, Smart3, Carl Zeiss, About Emotions, Ingpuls Smart Shadings, Kezzel and to the media partners Schacht32 and Donnaundderblitz.

BoKoMaT_9: Date already set

After the successful BoKoMaT_8, Ingpuls GmbH and LWW are delighted to announce the date of the upcoming BoKoMaT_9: This will take place from September 23 to 25, 2025. All further information on the program and ticket sales for the 9th BoKoMaT will follow shortly on the Webseite der BoKoMaT.