Ingpuls Insight #2: Opening of the new location


The second “Ingpuls-Insight” was recently published via the social media channel LinkedIn on the opening of our new location in Bochum-Werne. Our founder and managing director Dr. Christian Großmann gives a look behind the scenes and ventures an outlook at the same time. We would like to share these thoughts with you and look forward to your feedback!You can find more information and insights on our LinkedIn page!

Ingpuls opens new locationt

We are pleased to announce that we have now (almost) completely moved into our new home. A mammoth task in planning and implementation lies behind us and the whole team has supported energetically so that no significant delays in series deliveries or other projects have occurred. No machine was damaged. Everything works as it did before the move. With the attached video, we would like to give all interested people a glimpse of where and how we intend to shape the future from now on. The video was made a few weeks before the actual move on Friday, 17 July 2020. Production, IT, office, chairs, so many things to take care of. It will still take time until everything runs smoothly. But the result is already impressive, we are looking forward to your feedback!

From garage to modern production site

This step was absolutely necessary, as we had reached the limits of our capacities for administration and development as well as for production at two neighboring locations. The next development step was much quicker than expected. Only 200m away as the crow flies, we have now moved into our new home. Almost all production machines are already in their new place. The development and administration departments have also completely left the old location and moved into their new premises. A former logistics hall was transformed into a state-of-the-art production facility here in Bochum-Werne in just 15 months. Parallel to this, a new office building was erected, which is seamlessly connected to the production area. This means that development and production are finally moving closer together again. The previous spatial separation put us to the test, as we operate with enormous dynamism and therefore often run the risk of not being able to keep all employees up to date. In addition to a lot of internal communication, we must not lose sight of the operative business. This is where the new location will make its contribution.

“In March 2019, our project began with the acquisition of the 20,000sqm plot in Bochum-Werne”

We are significantly increasing our capacities. At the latest when the machines of the second production line are here, the theoretical output of our production will be more than doubled. Increases in our melting batches increase the output by another 240%. We will then be able to melt more than 60 tons of SMA per year in 2 shifts. We have brought nickel-titanium to a new technological level through our work. Now we must and may deliver. The enquiries, especially from the medical technology sector are already in the double-digit ton range. Per year and sometimes even per customer. More about this soon in our articles on technology and medical technology. We want to use this momentum. Motivated and committed, but still grounded.But we also know that this development has only become possible with the support of many people. Therefore, this is the right moment to say thank you: We, the founders and managing directors of Ingpuls say thank you to…

  • ur families and friends, who accept without complaining that our job is more of a vocation than a job
  • our employees, who give their best every day for the future of all of us, who invest passion and manpower to produce great and high-quality products for our customers
  • the Ruhr-University Bochum, where we have been taught the tools to pave the way for the application of a fascinating technology
  • our coaches, who support us again and again to reflect on everyday issues and to constantly optimize ourselves
  • our banks and financial partners, who supported us when we were still in our infancy
  • the City of Bochum, the Wirtschaftsentwicklung, the IHK and all other public institutions who have always supported us in various ways.
  • our co-partners, investors and now friends, who also believed in us earlier than most and now stand by our side.
  • our customers without whom nothing would have been possible. Companies that were brave enough to focus on innovation and have thus placed their trust in us, which is a really great value these days.
  • our architecs and contractors, who have really created a beautiful new home for us, where we can hopefully continue to work on our mission for many years to come!

We look forward to hearing from you!Yours Christian Großmann from Ingpuls