Ingpuls Insight #1: Innovation as a signpost out of the crisis


Recently, the first “Ingpuls-Insight”, edited by our founder and CEO Dr. Christian Großmann, appeared via the social media channel LinkedIn. This format serves to take a look behind the scenes and at the same time venture an outlook. We would like to share these thoughts with you and look forward to your feedback!You can find more info and insights on our LinkedIn page!

How to find a way out of the crisis with innovation

The last few months have presented our country with unimagined challenges due to the Corona pandemic. It almost seems as if the worst is behind us in Germany. With the exception of a few infection spots, the number of infections is falling across the board. At the same time, the number of cured patients is rising. Against the background of these developments, to think that we can now return to our life before Corona is a fallacy. We must continue to be prudent, as some negative examples clearly show. In some other countries of our world, the figures do not look as positive as they do here. Quite the opposite. The USA, Brazil or Russia have probably not yet reached the peak of the crisis despite catastrophic infection figures. India, Pakistan and the entire African continent with billions of people are even before the crisis begins. It is hard to imagine what will happen if the infection figures suddenly rise there, because there is no medical care – comparable to Germany – there.

Despite a Potpourri of emergency aid measures by the federal and state governments, the medium- and long-term consequences for our global economic cycles are by no means foreseeable. One of the announced measures has still not reached the addressees. Companies must therefore ask themselves more than ever whether their business models of yesterday are also suitable for the world as it may be tomorrow. Supply chains, inventories, diversification, vertical integration and innovativeness. These are factors that managers are currently racking their brains over SWOT analyses here and there. Rethink or stay the course?

“Ingpuls has always been and will always be strongly associated with the concept of innovation.”

More than 10 years ago, we set out to pave the way for a promising material technology from research into the world. Even then, it was clear to us that innovation would accompany us to the end of our journey. For many years, this was reflected in the Ingpuls logo with the words “Innovationsdienstleiter” (innovation service provider). We wanted to find solutions to develop more efficient products with nickel-titanium alloys, to use raw materials more sustainably or, for example, to extend the durability of vital implants. Flanked by numerous research initiatives spread around the globe, we now play a key role in the world of nickel-titanium shape memory alloys. We cooperate with numerous scientists, universities and research institutes in order to do everything we can together to ensure that this technology unfolds its almost inconceivable potential. Much has already been achieved. For innovators, however, it is always true that the road ahead is longer than the one covered.

The origin of innovation here lies in the right mind-set. Innovation is to be understood as a process that can be learned. Only the willingness to do so must be present in the innovator’s mind. Without this foundation, innovation is not possible. Clinging to the past, exaggerated skepticism about new things or even fear of change are relics from an earlier time. Many companies have already recognized this. What unites the most successful companies in the world is their drive to innovate. The managers of the companies are therefore responsible for living out what this means on a daily basis:

  • Problems are challenges
  • Questions mean finding answers
  • Mistakes are part of the process
  • The learning curve is crucial

Despite Corona, we at Ingpuls have been able to achieve impressive developments in the past weeks and months. We were so focused on research, development and our projects that we didn’t have the time to report on these exciting topics.

On the materials side, we have succeeded in making unimaginable technological leaps that have the potential to revolutionize the entire NiTi industry. With the move to our new home, another big step in our history is just around the corner. We would therefore like to give you the opportunity to accompany us on this journey. We will unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the wondrous shape memory alloy nickel-titanium and provide insights into life and work at Ingpuls, our technology, the industries and markets as well as which applications with NiTi already exist today or will be possible tomorrow. We hope to pack all this into interesting stories for you. We are very much looking forward to your feedback and what will develop from it.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Christian Großmann from Ingpuls