Ingpuls donate and visits St. Vincent e.V. in Bochum


Ingpuls gives children admission to the “HalloDu” children’s theatre in Bochum

With staff and management, we raised funds before Christmas to enable children from Bochum & the surrounding area to visit the mining play „Glück Auf! – Von ObenDrüber und UntenDrunter“. Thematically, the play is about mining and how the great chapter of mining in the Ruhr region is coming to an end. A few days before Christmas, the last colliery in the Ruhr was closed. For us and our employees, this was

a fitting occasion to combine our donation idea for the common good of the children in Bochum with the theme of mining and to sensitize the children to our history in the Ruhr region. In addition to our employees, our management also made its financial contribution so that we were able to enable over 100 children from Bochum to visit the HalloDu-Kindertheater.

A few weeks ago, we had already handed over about two thirds of these tickets to our colleagues from Let’s dance – das Tanzstudio Hattingen, Peter Löwenherz e.V.Falkenheim Bochum & St Vinzenz e.VWe hope that we can make the children in need a little happier by taking them to the theatre and keep our fingers crossed that they would find their way back to their families very soon!

Many thanks to Mrs. Funke and Mrs. Wiemann for the interesting talk and the visit!