Alexander Hüsing from as guest


Germany’s best-known start-up journalist as a guest at Ingpuls

At the beginning of April 2019, we had a visit from Alexander Hüsing, editor-in-chief at and book author. The first step of the joint appointment was to get to know each other, as we had not yet exchanged ideas in person. In the next step, Alexander Hüsing wanted to learn more about our history in order to build up background knowledge and the most important facts and figures of our story.

The exchange was very interesting and we are proud that we are now part of the coverage of the startup scene in the Ruhr region! The full article that Alexander Hüsing published on after the joint appointment with Dr. Christian Großmann (management Ingpuls) can be READ HERE.


New book about start-ups in the Ruhr region

in Addition “Wann endlich grasen Einhörner an der Emscher – Startups im Ruhrgebiet” was published on 26 August. The book is a joint project of and the Revier-Verlag Henselowsky Boschmann. It tells the most exciting startup and grow stories from the Ruhr region, with Alexander Hüsing writing the summary:

“Because the future of the Ruhr region has long since begun. All that’s missing are the unicorns! But one thing is already certain: in ten years’ time, the Revier will be a start-up stronghold. Then, finally, unicorns, the billion-dollar companies of the scene, will graze on the Emscher. In recent years, many courageous Ruhr district residents have put their ideas into practice and founded their own companies. But these exciting start-ups are often not known in the region. This book aims to change that. It shows how hard work, coincidences and persistence have turned ideas into companies. The book wants to trigger a hunger for innovation and inspire people to find their own start-ups. It calls on the Ruhr region to dare entrepreneurial courage, take risks and embrace uncertainty.”

We are very proud to have become part of this book with Ingpuls – many thanks also to Alexander Hüsing for the comprehensive coverage!