NRW Minister Prof. Andreas Pinkwart as guest


NRW Economics Minister Prof. Pinkwart visits Ingpuls

The development of Ingpuls, challenges for local start-ups and further plans with regard to our new location – these topics were the subject of our joint meeting with NRW Economics Minister Prof. Pinkwart.

At the end of last week, we had a visit from the world of politics. Prof. Andreas Pinkwart – accompanied by Dr. Norbert von Thienen – was our guest. The appointment was summarized as very valuable by Dr. Christian Großmann (management):

“The exchange with Prof. Pinkwart was relaxed and easy-going overall, despite a follow-up appointment for him. He was very interested in the challenges that a spin-off from the university brings with it. He was impressed by the descriptions of our series launch in 2016 and the developments that followed. Dr. von Thienen and Prof. Pinkwart are of the opinion that Ingpuls could also be a good example for other founders and promised to work to make this visible. Therefore, he and his ministry will make an effort to give us opportunities to present our experiences at appropriate events. We would like to maintain contact with the ministry in order to further expand our network in politics and business.”