Ingpuls Smart Shadings is part of ZERAF project

Ingpuls Smart Shadings, a spin-off of Ingpuls GmbH, becomes a partner of the ZERAF project together with INDRESMAT, Active Insulation System B.V, Eindhoven University of Technology and and Eurac Reserach as consortium leader. The ZERAF project is one of 57 cutting-edge technology projects selected in the European Innovation Council’s Pathfinder Open campaign.

Groundbreaking facade concepts with shape memory alloys.

ZERAF stands for “ZERo-carbon building enabler Adaptive opaque Façade” and pursues with pioneering façade concepts the goal of enormously reducing the operational energy demand while reducing the environmental impact of new as well as existing buildings through the use of innovative materials. In this regard, the ZERAF concept takes an innovative approach to rethinking façade systems.

The ZERAF concept aims to transform opaque façade systems from static thermal barriers into thermal modulators. Such dynamic thermal control is enabled by the breakthrough configurations of opaque façade technologies combined with the use of novel materials. To this end, the ZERAF concept will use shape memory alloys as well as new generation bio-based polyurethanes.

Expert for intelligent shading solutions

As a subsidiary of Ingpuls GmbH, Ingpuls Smart Shadings develops intelligent shading solutions based on shape memory alloys. With its innovative solutions for modern buildings, public spaces and outdoor facilities as well as private buildings, Ingpuls Smart Shadings is an expert in the field of intelligent shading solutions and adds a partner with relevant expertise to the ZERAF project. Especially with regard to climate change and in the face of rising temperatures, people are facing global challenges.

Ingpuls Smart Shadings develops intelligent shading solutions that not only shade the room silently and with an elegant design, but also smartly and with low energy consumption. The starting point for Ingpuls Smart Shadings’ intelligent shading solutions is the use of customized shape memory alloys, exclusively manufactured by Ingpuls.

ZERAF and Ingpuls Smart Shadings – a good combination

With Eurac Research, Ingpuls Smart Shadings, INDRESMAT® SL, Active Insulation System B.V and Eindhoven University of Technology, the ZERAF project brings on board strong partners to realize the novel façade concept and thus design a groundbreaking and sustainably conceived façade solution. The use of novel materials and the innovative configuration of the opaque façade technology breaks new ground and needs the expertise of strong partners. Ingpuls GmbH is very pleased to be involved in the ZERAF project with its spin-off Ingpuls Smart Shadings.